It is extremely hot in June. But in the workshop of Xingde Textile Manufacturing located in Wuli Industrial Park of Jinjiang, the production is even intenser than the weather. More than 700 employees are working flat-out for the regular foreign trade orders while preparing for orders from local brands. 

As a garment manufacturer that has been involve开心十三张d in the foreign trade business for 20 years, Xingde Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd has encountered the problem of declining traditional foreign trade ord开心十三张ers, same as ot开心十三张下载her foreign trade companies this year.  

"Affected by the epidemic, foreign trade orders since the beginning of this year have barely reached 开心十三张官方版half the volume of the same period last year, with major orders coming from the European market." Chen Duanliang, the Director of Xingde Manufacturing laments that this year the enterprise has suffered the biggest "order shortage" since its establishment. This time of the year used to be the peak season of production when the company had to seek for the assistance of other companies to process the orders.

Although the company sees a year-on-year shrinkage of foreign trade orders this year, it has successfully received orders from local brand enterprises thanks to the capacity matching activities organized by the Jinjiang government, making up for the loss of orders. 

"At present, orders from local brands account for 20% of the total, and the proportion is still on the increase," Chen Duanliang says.

The production capacity matching that enabled Xingde to receive local orders is a new measure launched by Jinjiang in recent years to cope with the complex and changing global economic and trading situation. 

"We hope to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to adjust their business models and participate actively in getting orders from local brand enterprises by building a capacity matching platform," says Lin Yonghong, Director of Jinjiang Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

The effect of capacity matching is particularly precious in the current situation of the global outbreak of COVID-19 and the slump of traditional foreign trade market . Data show that since the beginning of this year, through the "capacity matching" activity platform, Jinjiang has promoted many small and medium-sized enterprises to land on OEM contracts with local leading enterprises such as Seven, K-Boxing, Lilanz, Septwolves, 361°, etc., with a total order volume of more than 1 billion yuan.

 "We hope to make the" capacity matching" a regular platform, so that small and medium-sized enterprises and brand enterprises can be integrated into an auto-circulating communication mechanism. Through the collaboration and complement among enterprises, we can push Jinjiang manufacturing to a higher level," Lin Yonghong remarks.